Top 100 Up and Coming Women

The Top 100 Hottest Women in the world 2014

Who will be the Hottest ‘Up and Coming’ High Street Women of 2014.

Here you get to decide who is number one, not FHM, not Maxim, but YOU.

Any Other Girls Missed Out, don’t hesitate to inform us.

7 thoughts on “Top 100 Up and Coming Women”

  1. Recently a striking brunette has started in TV for the betting channel Simone Thomas. I have been commuting into London past few weeks and she is in every paper and magazine. You should have her on your up and coming 100 sexiest. She is the next kelly brooke.

  2. I agree I have seen the magazines espically nuts picture and she really is a english beauty. you need to get her into the up and coming. Huge fan of Simone and all the guys in the office went mad when she was in Nuts next to Lindsey Lohan.

  3. What about Priyanka Chopra – Abolutely DROP DEAD SEXY AND GORGEOUS

    Don’t know whether she should be on up and coming or if she’s already made it?

  4. What about Kiera Knightly – she’s gotta be in my top 5. Natutal beauty and natual kool.

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