6 thoughts on “Megan Fox”

  1. What can I say about Megan Fox? Besides she’s the hottest/sexiest women/girl in the world? Uuummm, she’s beautiful, amazingly sexy, insanely beautiful body, beautiful face and amazing tits. But enough about her body and appearance. She’s a great actress (Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Jennifer’s Body). The bottom line is, Megan Fox is the sexiest, most breatiful women in the world.

  2. Megan Fox is the hottest woman on the face of this planet and she deserves 1st place

  3. She´s one damn good looking woman..
    her act´s in both transformers films, make me fell in love with her..;)


    her hair, the eyes, the f****** sexy body..
    god.. bless this woman..;)

  4. I always find the woman with blue eyes and black hair the most appealing ones. And Megan is not just the one who has it, also black hair and amazingly blue eyes perfectly suited in her, so she looks very sexy and attractive.

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